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The Kalimantan Institute of Technology Informatics Student Association, or simply called HMIF ITK, is a student group that oversees all aspects of the Kalimantan Institute of Technology's Informatics study program. On February 6, 2020, the Kalimantan Institute of Technology Informatics Student Association was formed. The Kalimantan Institute of Technology Informatics Student Association is based at the Kalimantan Institute of Technology (ITK) in Kalimantan.

The Articles of Association and Bylaws of the Informatics Student Association of the Kalimantan Institute of Technology, hereinafter referred to as AD/ART HMIF ITK, place sovereignty in the hands of ITK Informatics Study Program Students and are fully implemented based on Pancasila and the 1945 Constitution.

Vision and mission

The vision of HMIF ITK is to make it a student organization of Informatics ITK by upholding professional, democratic, open, and accountable family values for ITK Informatics students who are superior, innovative, and creative in the development of Kalimantan in the field of Informatics through student functions until 2025.Missions of the HMIF ITK include:

  1. Developing the SPECTA (Solid, Caring, Intelligent, Faithful, and Fearful) character of ITK Informatics students;
  2. Within the framework of HMIF ITK, creating a family and professional culture; In all aspects of Informatics ITK, improving interaction and harmonious communication;
  3. Providing space and opportunities for ITK Informatics students to share their knowledge and thoughts in the field of informatics;
  4. Participate in academic and non-academic activities within the Informatics ITK, both internally and externally;
  5. Maintain positive relationships and collaboration with internal and external stakeholders in Informatics ITK; and Grow and build social consciousness through community service initiatives.

The meaning of the HMIF ITK logo

  1. The letters I and F in the HMIF ITK logo stand for Informatics.
  2. Three rotating IF words symbolize the regeneration of ITK Informatics students in the HMIF ITK logo.
  3. The dot in the middle of the HMIF ITK emblem represents ITK Informatics students who share the same purpose.
  4. The HMIF ITK logo's blue hue represents HMIF ITK's active participation in the world of technology in an original and creative manner, while the gray color represents independence and responsibility.

Structure of the organization

The organizational structure of HMIF is outlined below; however, the structure may alter according on the policies of each cabinet currently serving on the board of directors of HMIF.

Struktur Organisasi

Each department's functions and roles are as follows:

    • Creating a sense of belonging, kinship, and unity among all HMIF ITK members.
    • Facilitating the establishment of decision-making forums and collecting aspirations from all HMIF ITK members.
    • Providing SPECTA spirit and technology understanding to ITK Informatics students through a regeneration mechanism.
    • Cultivate the regeneration system's foundation in accordance with SPECTA values.
    • All members of the HMIF ITK should improve their academic and non-academic talents.
    • Contribute to the academic and non-academic well-being of HMIF ITK members.
    • Establishing solid relationships with external parties and introducing HMIF ITK.
    • Organize activities to strengthen external relationships.
    • Implementing community service, one of the Tri Dharma of Higher Education.
    • HMIF ITK students would be accommodated in spreading social consciousness in the society.
    • Become one of the HMIF ITK's financing sources.
    • Provide HMIF ITK members with business training.
    • Collecting data and interacting with HMIF ITK members' businesses/businesses.
    • Provide design instruction to members of the HMIF ITK who have an interest or talent in the discipline.
    • Manage the HMIF ITK website and Informatics study program, as well as content and social media.
    • Share interesting technological knowledge with the larger community.
    • Become a Facilitator for Improving Academic and Non-Academic Achievements for HMIF ITK Students.
    • Become a Facilitator for HMIFI ITK Students in Competition Information Needs Become a location for HMIF ITK members to hone all of their hobbies and talents
    • Improving and optimizing services as well as showing appreciation for HMIF ITK students who excel and achieve.

ITK HMIF Cabinet

The protocol and collection cabinet has been in charge of organizational management at HMIF ITK since its inception.

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