Profile of Graduates

Various roles that can be done by graduates ofInformatics study programs in the field of expertise or certain fields of work after completing the lecture period.

Profile Learning Access
Software Engineer

Graduates who can apply engineering principles and computer science to design, develop and test software applications.

Digital Entrepreneur

Graduates who can apply startup principles in creating a business based on internet technology.

Artificial Intelligence Engineer

Graduates who can build models and create programs using artificial intelligence concepts such as machine learning, natural language processing, computer vision, and optimization of given problems.

Computer Scientist

Graduates who can apply computer science concepts to contribute to the development of computer science and technology.

Data Scientist

Graduates who can develop data-based models following a data science methodology starting from determining business objectives, technical, Data Science Project plans, collecting data, analyzing data, determining objects or sorting data, cleaning data, constructing data, building models, and up to Doing a Deployment Model.)